Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sales Associate License

  1. Successfully complete a FREC-approved pre-licensing course for sales associates consisting of 63 classroom-hours and covering the topics required by the FREC. The course is valid for licensure purposes for 2 years after the course completion date. Licensees with a permanent physical disability, as defined by FREC Rule 61J2-3.013(2), may qualify for a correspondence pre-licensing course if unable, due to a permanent physical disability, to attend the site where the course is conducted.
  2. Submit a completed application, electronic fingerprints, and appropriate fee.
  3. Pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Examination with a grade of at least 75 or pass the 
Florida Real Estate Law Exam with a grade of at least 30. 
- Activate the license, otherwise the license is issued in an inactive status. This can be done using the 
DBPR RE 11-Become Active - Sales Associate or Broker Sales Associate form. Alternatively, once the new 
license number is issued, the broker can activate the sales associate using the broker's online account.
  4. Whether holding an active or inactive license, successfully complete a FREC-approved post-licensing 
course for sales associate consisting of at least 45 classroom-hours, prior to the expiration of the initial sales associate license.